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Dubai Customs holds open day for people of determination

Dubai Customs holds open day for people of determination

by Insight World EditorAugust 4, 2017

Dubai Customs’ knowledge club has run an educational and sports open day specially designed for differently-abled staff. The move highlights the department’s commitment to caring for and empowering its people of determination by fostering a working environment that is fair, healthy, disability-friendly and receptive for everyone.

The open day’s program of events included different mind-blowing activities that combine both entertaining and educative content.

The audience was lectured on the importance of positive thinking through a discussion of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s book ‘Reflections on Happiness and Positivity’. The lecturer Dr. Abdullah  Lashgary explained how happiness and optimism should be a way of life for all people as they are the locomotive that drives positive energy and self-confidence.

The open day also featured a sports activity about self-defence using effective martial arts particularly Taekwondo. It was presented by an AJB Fitness coach who demonstrated a number of powerful and destabilizing movements that are common to all martial arts and can be very useful for people of determination.

Sheikha Masood, training specialist in charge of DC knowledge club, said that this educational and sports open day aimed to show support to the people of determination employees of Dubai Customs in recognition for their efforts as productive elements and key players in the organization.

“This category of people certainly have special skills and capabilities in both cultural and sports fields and our role in the knowledge club is to bring these potentials to light and positively integrate them in the workplace and in the community,” she added.

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